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Efforts have been made to make the following map reflect the current state of this Web site. However, it is always possible that certain things have slipped, that certain pages have been forgotten, that the state described here is not the latest, etc.

Root pages

David Madore, by David Madore, on David Madore


If you're looking for my professional Web site, it is elsewhere. My main math page (first link in the list that follows) on this site is no longer maintained for the time being, so it is quite out of date, but it still has some possibly interesting links.

The following list is incomplete.

Computers and computer science


Classics available on this site

Texts I wrote (in whole or in part)

In principle, they should all be listed on my main literary works page. Actually, there may be omissions.


It seems there can be no order in classifying what follows. Here, then, are a bunch of pages on just about anything, and the categories are only—temptative.

To be deleted

The following pages are obsolete and should be deleted or something:

Philosophy (?)

Art (?)

Humor (?)


Intellectual property and freedom of speech


De omni re scibili… et quibusdam aliis