Peanuts Timeline

There are about 15000 Peanuts cartoons published, and I estimate that I've read somewhere around 3000 to 4000 of them. I've tried to establish a timeline of events; the difficulty, however, is that most of the cartoons found in books are published without the date. So there are many events I would have liked to list here but couldn't because I didn't know the exact date (e.g. Linus's “library card” adventure).
1950/10/02 The first Peanuts cartoon. Charlie Brown's name is mentioned.
1952/03/17 Lucy appears for the first time.
1952/09/22 Linus appears for the first time.
1952/11/16 Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown for the first time.
1953/01/25 Schroeder's toy piano is introduced.
1953/05/30 Lucy falls in love with Schroeder.
1954/06/13 Charlie Brown tries to fly a kite — and fails.
1954/08/18 Pigpen appears for the first time.
1955/01/04 Linus's “security blanket” is seen.
1958/06/13 Charlie Brown drops a baseball.
1958/09/01 Charlie Brown writes the first letter to his pen-pal.
1958/12/21 Linus — nearly — forgets his piece for Christmas.
1959/03/27 Lucy's psychiatric booth opens.
1959/05/26 Sally (Charlie Brown's sister) is born.
1959/10/27 The “Great Pumpkin” is mentioned.
1960/02/15 Miss Othmar.
1960/05/20 Charlie Brown tries to “steal home” and fails.
1960/06/19 Snoopy starts sleeping on his doghouse.
1960/08/22 Sally is seen walking. She falls in love with Linus.
1962/09/05 Sally's first day of school.
1963/07/28 Schroeder's admiration for Beethoven is mentioned.
1963/10/20 The We prayed in school today cartoon.
1963/11/12 Charlie Brown falls in love with the little red-haired girl.
1963/12/24 Linus sings Jingle Bells before the PTA.
1965/06/04 Charlie Brown leaves for camp.
1965/07/12 Snoopy gets his typewriter and begins his career as a writer; writes It was a dark and stormy night for the first time.
1966/01/09 Snoopy goes looking for the Red Baron.
1966/02/09 Charlie Brown misspells the word “maze”.
1966/03/16 Sally's eye patch.
1966/03/20 Linus pets birds on the head.
1966/05/14 Lucy and Linus leave.
1966/08/22 “Peppermint” Patty appears for the first time.
1966/09/19 Snoopy's doghouse burns.
1967/04/18 Snoopy does his “Cheshire Beagle” trick.
1967/05/22 Linus pets birds on the head again.
1969/03/14 Snoopy becomes the first Beagle on the Moon.
1970/06/22 “Woodstock”'s name appears.
1971/07/20 “Peppermint” Patty encounters Marcie.
1972/05/10 Lucy kicks Linus out of the house.
1972/05/23 “Rerun” (Linus and Lucy's brother) is born.
1972/10/24 Miss Sweetstory's book is banned from the school library.
1972/11/16 Woodstock migrates (taking Snoopy with him).
1972/11/24 Snoopy discovers that the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm has been replaced by a parking lot.
1973/04/09 Charlie Brown's baseball team wins a game.
1973/06/11 Charlie Brown cracks up, sees baseballs everywhere.
1973/06/26 Charlie Brown (wuth a paper sack over his head) is elected Camp President.
1973/12/29 Snoopy thinks the end of the world has come.
1974/01/21 Rerun is seen riding on the back of his mother's bicycle.
1974/09/17 Sally falls in love with her school building.
1975/08/12 Snoopy's brother, Spikes, pays a visit.
1977/05/19 Snoopy meats his tennis double's partner: Molly Volley.
1978/04/24 Sally gets Snoopy to help her with her report on animals.
1979/07/07 Charlie Brown goes to hospital.
1980/07/24 Schroeder takes the — ahem — plane.
1983/02/18 Charlie Brown punches Lucy in the nose.
1983/04/18 Linus opens a clinic.
1984/06/18 Peppermint Patty visits Paris.
1988/09/11 All the Beagles in the world return to the valley.
1989/10/09 The notes fall away from Schroeder's piano.
1989/10/26 Charlie Brown decides to devote the rest of his life to making Snoopy happy.
1990/06/10 The world comes to an end — actually, Peppermint Patty has an ‘A’ on her paper.
1990/08/10 Peggy Jean tells Charlie Brown she likes him, and kisses him.
1990/10/15 Marcie seeks refuge in Charlie Brown's house.
1990/12/12 Charlie Brown buys some gloves for Peggy Jean.
1991/05/29 Charlie Brown opens a Bible school.
1992/07/08 Sally changes her life philosophy to What do I care?.
1993/03/30 Charlie Brown becomes a baseball hero.
1993/06/06 Special D-Day strip: To Remember.
1994/01/06 Snoopy reads to Woodstock his grandfather's diary.
1994/02/14 Snoopy is taken to hospital: his brothers Andy, Spike and Olaf visit him.
1994/06/06 A week of special D-Day strips.
1995/08/01 Snoopy pleads in the “Peter Rabbit vs McGregor” case.
1995/10/06 Woodstock visits the moon.
1996/05/17 Rerun invites Snoopy's brother Spike to stay at his home.
1996/08/03 Sally now has three life philosophies.
1996/09/03 Rerun hides under his bed so as not to go to school.
1997/01/16 Rerun is suspended from school for harassment.
1997/02/18 Sally discovers the secret to life.
1999/01/03 Charlie Brown returns a christmas present.
1999/03/14 Rerun pets birds on the head.

David Madore

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