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What is your domain of interest?

Why, thank you! If you want to learn more about me, my ego page should tell you all. Or you can read my life's story (in French). For more recent news, see my WebLog. If you want to know what I look like, this page has some lousy pictures of me. You might also try to analyse my weird personality through the stuff I write, or simply read what I wrote about it.
Check my general computers page for more. If you are interested in Linux, you might like to have a look at my Linux page and my programs page. If it is theoretical computer science that interests you, my Quines page and its companion, the call/cc page should interest you, as well as the Unlambda page if your interests border on hackerdom.
If you're looking for my professional Web site, it is elsewhere. Otherwise, my main math page is the place to go and has all the relevant links (unfortunately, it hasn't been maintained in a long time).
You might also enjoy my Mandelbrot set images and videos and my DVD of cubic surfaces animations.
In a hurry? Read my favorite poems (in various languages); and if you like this particular poem, you can find plenty more by the same author. Can't read French? FitzGerald's Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám are in English (more or less translated from the Persian). If you can read both English and French, you might like to compare Edgar Allan Poe's Domain of Arnheim with its French translation by Charles Baudelaire; if you can only read one language, you can only have half the fun!
Of course, after that, I try to plug some of my own stuff. If you want a sample of my writing, this short story should be a good start: it exists in English, French and even in Russian! I believe this short story (in French) and this fairy tale (in English) to be among the best things I wrote. For something longer, try this novel (in French), provided you like heroic fantasy. For a longer listing of what I wrote, try here.
Thoughts? Science in general? Philosophy?
I have plenty of thought on a lot of different topics collected in my Best Of GroTeXdieck (all are in French). Other than that, this page explains the meaning of the Universe, and this one tells all about Time. This page talks about the US electoral system. And this complains about the excesses of Intellectual Property.
I am also interested in Zen philosophy.
Gay themes?
Do you know about the story of the rainbow flag?
You might like to read this fairy tale (in English) about princes and love. Or, if your vision is somewhat less romantic, perhaps this erotic short story (in French), or again this (sad) short story (in French).
Something else?
You can test your knowledge with this general knowledge test or any of its various companions. If you like interactive stuff, you can try solving these riddles. If you're after music, you might like my MIDI files. If you like funny quotes, here is my personal selection (frequently updated) from the Fortune program. If you want to see some pretty pictures, this page shows some images I made with the GIMP; for more pretty images, also see my Mandelbrot set images and videos. If phonetics interest you, you might like to learn about the International Phonetic Alphabet.
None of the above?
Well, sorry then. Maybe my bookmarks can show you some interesting places on the Internet.