MIDI music files

All of the following MIDI files have been entered by myself, most of them using the software “Cakewalk apprentice”. I believe none of them has a copyright pending (classical music pieces are, of course, too old for that, and the ones I composed myself I put in the public domain).

All these files use Roland's General Sound patches; but generally it makes no difference if they are played with General Midi patches (they are more standard — the mail difference is that “orchestra” becomes “orchestra hit” which is not quite right). My music card is Creative AWE32, and these files will probably sound best with it, but they will certainly sound OK with the Gravis Ultrasound or similar cards. If you have a non-AWE SoundBlaster card, I would advise using timidity (and a fast computer) to play the files through the DSP: using the FM synthesizer chip, no matter how smart your patches can be (and even if you have an OPL-3) will just not sound right. In fact, it will sound awful.

These files are “General MIDI”, that is, they use the full 16 channels, with the 10th channel for drums. So if you use Creative's play utility (on MS-DOS), remember to set the environment variables correctly for that.

Classical music


If you haven't heard these already you must have been spending your life on a desert island somewhere - or perhaps do you live on Mars.

Less famous

Music I composed...

...so you should expect it to be barely listenable, and very repetitive...

Music I would like identified

I don't know what these are, they were themes I kept hearing in my head, and which I couldn't identify. I don't think I composed them because I'm uncapable of writing anything that nice. However, I did orchestrate them and that is why we have these beautiful themes with a ridiculous orchestration (or none at all).

Anyhow, if somebody can tell me what these are, he will earn my eternal gratitude.

David Madore
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