David Madore: pictures of me

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This page will hopefully give some vague idea of what I look like. However, I have no photograph of myself of which I am entirely satisfied: they are all in some way either not-quite-resembling, or technically defective or plain ugly. Imagine that my real self is at least as different from all these pictures as they are from one another!

Also remember that my hair length is very variable: I've had it anywhere from completely shaved to quite a bit below shoulders.

Each of the images here is scaled down on this page, and constitutes a link to the (identical) full-sized image, so you can click on them (or do whatever your navigator uses to follow links) to see the unscaled version.

[Head photograph of David Madore]This picture was taken on 2005-04-28, just after I had my hair cut.

[Head photograph of David Madore]This one was taken on 2004-02-12, again just after I had my hair cut. I think it's the best I have so far.

[Head photograph of David Madore]This one too was taken just after a haircut, on 2003-06-12. I really don't like it (don't you think I look cadaverous?).

[Head photograph of David Madore]Yet another picture just after a haircut, this one on 2003-10-18.

[Head photograph of David Madore]This one (2003-12-01) is a scan of an ID picture.

[Bust photograph of David Madore]This picture (in black and white because the lighting was too dim to give a satisfactory color picture), taken 2003-07-20, shows one of the many different clothing styles that I sometimes wear.

[Head photograph of David Madore]And here I am smiling stupidly.

[Head photograph of David Madore]This one dates from August 2002 or thereabout, and was my “canonical” photograph for some time.

[Head photograph of David Madore]This picture was taken in roughly the same circumstances as the previous one (but from a shorter distance, which accounts for the perspective seeming different). I think it isn't as good, but the colors are more natural.

[Head photograph of David Madore from side]Another picture taken in similar circumstances.

[Head photograph of David Madore from close up]This one was taken from close up, and I find it amusing (partly for the weird smile I put up). The direct sunlight makes my eye seem very blue indeed.

[Bust photograph of David Madore]Here I am with my hair at its longest. This was taken in June 2003.

[Head photograph of David Madore]This was taken in May 2003, and shows what I look like with my hair pulled back and my glasses on. My eyes appear of different size because the glasses in front of them aren't of the same thickness.

[Head photograph of David Madore]This picture was taken in August 2000, because I needed to have my ID card redone. It gives an idea of what I look like with very short hair. The glasses are an old pair that I don't use anymore. This picture and the next ones were taken by cheap photomachines and were scanned later.

[Head photograph of David Madore]And that's an example of what I might look like with short hair and without the glasses. This seems to have been taken in September 2000. The colors are way off (the sweater I'm wearing is supposed to be gray, not blueish).

[Head photograph of David Madore]Here my hair is a teeny bit longer, and I'm looking very much like a lobster, colorwise: I don't know whether I was really that red or whether the camera was badly calibrated.

[Head photograph of David Madore]And here's with my hair yet a bit longer. Now here the colors are obviously way off (unless I had some very strange disease at the time).

[Head photograph of David Madore with baseball cap]Uh, maybe I should removed my cap before taking that picture…

[Head photograph of David Madore]Another photograph with very short hair. I find it positively frightening. And I think there's a definite aspect ratio problem here.

[Head photograph of David Madore]This picture was taken around January 2000. I hate it but some people have told me they liked it best, so I'm keeping it here.

[Head photograph of David Madore]This is a blend of two photographs taken in 1998 (neither of which is satisfactory). I'm rather satisfied with the overall appearance, but I wish I could have taken one photograph that looked like this.

[Head photograph of David Madore (black and white)]This is my “historical” photograph: it was taken sometime in 1996, and stood as the only photo of me on this site, and in the ENS students' directory for some time.

Some more old photographs of me can be found on my autobiography.

[Head photograph of David Madore at age six]This is what I looked like when I was six. I admit I changed a bit.

[Photograph Of David Madore of David Madore meditating]Did I mention something about being a Zen master? (This picture was taken in June 2001.)