Restoration of a painting

Here is the painting the Virgin, the Child and Saint Ann (circa 1510) by Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519):
[Painting by Leonardo] (click to enlarge)

And here is the same painting after a rather aggressive restoration using the GIMP:
[Painting by Leonardo] (click to enlarge)

To obtain that effect, I first lightened the picture considerably. Then I applied ad hoc curves to the red, green and blue channels (notably the blue, which has suffered considerable loss in the picture) to make the colors more white. After that, I made a copy of the picture and, in that copy, I uniformly colored the hue and saturation parts (leaving the value channel untouched) of certain regions of the paintings, notably the Virgin's robe; then I remixed the copy with the original to attenuate the effect. It is quite evident, if you look in the details, that I was rather sloppy in the coloring. Still, if you don't look too closely, the overall effect is rather satisfactory.

David Madore
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