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(Sunday) · Trinity Sunday · Father's Day (US)


A few of the (publicly visible) things that I have to do in the next few days or weeks—and which I'll probably find some good excuses for not doing…

  • Professional:
    • prepare my trips to the summer schools in Lens and Besançon: buy the train tickets, fill in the paperwork for reimbursement, prepare the talk I'll be giving in Besançon, and so on;
    • think seriously about the following questions: universal torsors on Del Pezzo surfaces of degree five, detecting defects of R-equivalence by specialization, and understanding the ins and outs of “the” theorem by Kollár, Miyaoka and Mori;
    • worry seriously about what's going to happen to me next year.
  • People:
    • reply to half a gadzillion emails which I didn't answer in the last seven years—just kidding, but a few of the more recent ones are high on my priority list;
    • see a couple of friends before I leave for Lens and Besançon (see above).
  • On this Web site:
    • rewrite my math page and write a little intro to my research topics that would be understandable to laymen;
    • finish overhauling my autobiography and bring it to date with latest events;
    • finish writing my “sentimental confession” (I'm not making the work in progress public);
    • finish half a million other unfinished pages (one of the major ones being my International Phonetic Alphabet page).
    • finish reading Cœur de démon by Claude Neix (and I should write a short critique of it, probably in this WebLog);
    • muster enough willpower to read more than just a few pages of the Tale of Two Cities;
    • finish writing the short story I started for the story writing circle (even though this round was essentially a failure);
    • consider the possibility of “seriously” getting a short novel written and published (in dead-tree—aka “paper”—form, that is, not just on the Web): by tackling the gay heroic fantasy genre, I should find a suitable niche with a reasonable demand and with not too much competition.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • get my mathematical diary restarted and write a good half dozen entries about various thoughts I've had on various subjects since the last entry;
    • start working on HBO's Web site, since I (foolishly?) agreed to act as webmaster;
    • get a decent picture of me taken;
    • buy myself various elements of clothing;
    • find out whether I'm granted free admission in the Louvre by showing my teacher's professional card from the University of Orsay (and, if so, pick a day with a reasonable amount of crowd and visit those parts I didn't see in eons);
    • add the missing items to this TODO list.
  • Long-term:
    • get organized, for Zeus' sake!;
    • learn English;
    • find myself a boyfriend, lover, fuckbuddy or whatever—ha, ha, only serious;
    • solve all of mankind's problem for the next seven and a half billion years.

Sounds hopeless, doesn't it?

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