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Gratuitous Literary Fragment (#7)

Basically, the point I'm trying to make is, is that…

I know what you're getting at, Zephira dear. All I'm saying is, angels have no sex, so there are no female angels. Period. I don't care what Betty Friedan says.

And I—replied Zephira, angered, don't care what pseudo-Dionysius…

Come now! Zaniel interrupted. We all know that none of us here has read any of the pseudo-Areopagite's works. Least of all Zebulon. Donning his most sarcastic smile, he added: Remind us, Zebulon: was it Ingrid Bergman who directed The Seventh Seal?

Zebulon flushed. Are you going to tease me forever just because of one tiny slip?

Would you rather have me mention the day you thought Tifereth and Malchut were cocktails? Zaniel and Zephira burst out laughing.

Oh, look who's here! Zita gestured toward the club's entrance.

Zohar was clothed in radiance. He was accompanied by three archangels; twelve platinum dragons were flying above his head; the Phoenix was perched on one of his shoulders and the Roc on the other; and the Midgard serpent, Jormungand, was buried in his hair. He was carrying the Leviathan under one arm and the beast of the Apocalypse under the other; Cerberus was sitting obediently at his foot, a major demon was tucked in his pocket, and he held Death on a leash.

Hi, Zohar! Zion waved genially to Zohar, who acknowledged their presence by a nod to the little group. Show-off! Zion muttered under his breath.

Exactly, agreed Zaniel. Show-off. I mean, is he really that desperate? Why, he'll just pick up yet another minor deity to sleep with, and then dump him—or her—the day after. I guess he always does.

What an asshole! Zebulon said. Oh, they say he even has group sex with incubi, sometimes.

In any case, Zephira added, they should have made him leave his… er… pets at the door. It's way too crowded in here.

Not to mention the stink of that dog, Cerberus. I can smell it from here. Zita sounded revolted.

Amen! Zeus joined the chorus. The Elysium isn't the place it used to be.

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