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Very quick note

There was an interesting program about Jorge Luis Borges on TV tonight: did I mention that Borges is one of my favorite authors? I definitely must buy his complete works. He very much inspired this short story of mine.

I started writing a “sentimental confession” of kinds, that I'll put on this Web site when it's finished—but presently it is not.

I should also write a Web page on my conception of God, which according to me exists only in believers' minds (I am an atheist in the normal sense of the word), but that is not at all a minor or secondary form of existence. There is much to be said about what I pleasantly call “atheist theology”.

The second round of the short story writing circle that I already talked about in a previous entry has been a major failure: I received only one submission, and I didn't even finish mine. This is too bad. The subject, apparently, was uninspiring.

I attended a rather amusing and remarkable seminar, by C. Soulé, this afternoon about varieties on the field with one element (such a field, of course, does not exist). Highly speculative, but very interesting.

Since I'm looking for a long-term hosting solution for this Web site (for when I can't use the ENS students' server any more), I've found this offer by Lost Oasis rather tempting (it's certainly dirty cheap). I'll think about it seriously.

Concerning my hair: maybe I should try wearing dreadlocks? I'm afraid they would be just as unfeasable as a Mohawk, however, with the fine, straight hair that I have. Too bad, it would have been fun to at least try.

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