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About this 'blog

I notice from the server logs that most readers of this 'blog are French-speaking (well, presumably—at any rate the connections clearly originate from France). There are many ways to analyse that. Perhaps English-speaking people immediately turn away when they see parts written in French (even if others beyond it may be in English, they won't go that far): in that case I should put a prominent notice explaining that this is a bilingual (but mostly non-translated) diary; whereas most French speakers understand enough English to read it all. But then maybe it isn't worth the effort on my part and maybe I should simply write in French. Or maybe I should have two separate 'blogs, one (in French) telling about my daily life and one (in English) telling about my scientifical / philosophical / political thoughts? Instead of mixing the two as I now do? Difficult question.

Another problem is, what will I do when this page becomes really too long to remain in one piece. I guess I should split it on month boundaries or something; but I would like the content to be static (insofar as possible) and not generated by CGI scripts or PHP or servlets or whatever, and the URIs to be also as static as possible (or, at any rate, backward-compatible). And I need the back links to function correctly. I still haven't found a way to reconcile all of this with my current architecture / infrastructure. But I'll think of something…

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