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Blogging from my bed

I recently bought myself a birthday (or is it an un-birthday?) present, namely a laptop computer. For years I resisted the idea of getting one, arguing that I would rather have a desktop on every possible desk where I might be than one laptop: indeed, I considered (and perhaps still do) laptops to be expensive, easily prone to breaking, and generally troublesome. Still, my boyfriend pointed out to me that the luxury of having an Internet access from one's bed is not to be eschewed. ☺ So I was tempted and, when I found out I could have one of these little beasts for just under 600€, I went for it. So here I am, blogging from my bed, and trying to decide what I think of the tiny laptop keyboard and (to my fingers) alien touchpad. I guess I can get used to it.

It's an Acer Aspire 3633WLMi (with an Intel Celeron M 370 processor at 1.5GHz, 15.4″ WXGA screen, 60GB hard drive, 512MB RAM, DVD burner and WiFi: not a very powerful beast, but I still think it was a good bargain). It's called mizar (after a star in the big dipper: ζ Ursæ Majoris), also known as IPv6 2001:7a8:7171:37:216:36ff:fe2e:867f. And, of course, I use it under Linux… which is were I expected a great deal of trouble and got some (but not as much as I thought).

Here's a more detailed report of the extent to which the hardware works under (Debian) GNU/Linux:

Incidentally, I'm starting to find that Firefox isn't all that crappy (I've found ways to make it suit my needs — more or less). So I'm giving it a try on my laptop.

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