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My entry for today is a program that I wrote tonight (took me longer than expected, I'm afraid—like, all night). Not an interesting program by any means: just a pseudo-random number generator, an ARC4 stream, to be precise; it can be downloaded here: arc4gen.c (instructions for use and compilation are contained in the comments within the program itself; Public Domain), and there is also a Debian package for the same.

(What's the point of writing a self-standing random number generator, you ask? Well, one possible use is this: you generate a huge file from the ARC4 stream with a given key, and then you check it repeatedly against the stream generated anew from the same key—which should be the same since the generator is deterministic. Any CPU or RAM or filesystem malfunction is pretty likely to be noticed in the process. In fact, that's exactly the reason I wrote this thing: I suspect there's something wrong somewhere on my PC, and I intend to make sure.)

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