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Enough with the calendar!

This is the third night in a row that I'm staying up to unZeusly hours writing this stupid page on the calendar. But I'm through with it now. I've finished describing in gory details the workings of the Gregorian lunar calendar. Other calendars (notably the Jewish and Islamic calendars) can wait for some other time (like maybe in a couple million years), even though I have a ready-to-paste text on the Maya calendar (as simple as can be, in its way, since it blindly cycles without caring in any way for the position of the Sun or Moon) somewhere in my sleeve.

One thing which is badly missing, however, in the Gregorian calendar, but it is not a scientific problem, merely an esthetic one: the months have no names. So I issue a general Request For Ideas: can someone come up with (thirteen) names to give to the months of the Gregorian lunar calendar rather than simply “first month” through “twelfth month” (or “thirteenth month” if the year is embolismic). These names would have to be original, so as to identify the calendar uniquely (it would be too confusing to call them, for instance, January through December and then Undecember or something like that). Maybe a dozen Greek or Roman deities could be used to provide the names (if the Gregorian solar calendar has a month named March, I think the Gregorian lunar calendar should have one named Venuch; and maybe we can have months of Tibery and Claudy also, to go with July and August).

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