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(Friday) · German Unification Anniversary

Another gratuitous literary fragment

For no reason at all, I felt like writing this:

Hebert stood erect and looked at the horizon all around him. This was the place. He felt a surge of pride. This was the place, he thought. This unremarkable patch of ground in the middle of nowhere was the place. He had spent half of his life looking for it, and the nearly mystical sense of fulfillment now all but overwhelmed him. Empires could crumble to dust, dynasties could be forgotten after eons, but this place was the seat of all power and for all time—a magic all the more potent for the fact that it was no magic.

But whither next?

A little old man was coming up the hill, walking at a leisurely pace. And Hebert knew that all his hopes and all his fears were at once coming true.

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