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A riddle

What do I (David Madore) have in common with Danish unicyclist Morten Borges, French soccer player Johann Charpenet, Canadian wrestler J. C. Derksen, Hungarian consultant Vass Enikő-Ibolya, French engineer David Gerson, American baseball player Troy Glaus, Canadian Hockey player Jason Groleau, Australian mystic “gypsiefire”, Thai star actor Chatyodom Hirunyattithi (“Chai”), American artist “Jenny”, sometime Dune singer Tina Lacebal, Finnish Linux guru Ville Laurikari, French engineer Christophe Monin, US marine and Naval academy member Bryant Nunn, American singer and guitarist Lea Pop(ielinski), Malaysian engineer Khairul Salleh bin Mohamed Sahari, French roller champion Ghizlane Samir, Canadian cyclist Mathieu Toulouse, and a couple hundred thousand other people on Earth, famous or unknown, from all countries and just about all professions?

This should be obvious enough.

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