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Adding a favicon

無Maybe you can now see a little icon appear somehow associated with my Web pages in your Web browser (Mozilla, for one, should display it next to the URL in the location bar, and on tab thumbnails): to the left is a slightly larger version of it. Since Asa Dotzler says he recommends Web sites to have some favicon, I decided I might as well try. I don't really like this thing, though: for one thing, sixteen-by-sixteen pixels is too small for any useful image, and besides I'm supposed to use some obscure Microsoft-invented image format that apparently doesn't even support full alpha channels (only all-or-nothing transparency, so I'm not putting any transparency, because the alias effect would be awful). Not having any idea what I could use as icon, I decided to take this Chinese ideogram (U+7121 in Unicode: 無; this is actually the unsimplified, or Taiwanese, form), pronounced “wu” in Mandarin Chinese and “mu” in Japanese, which has an important association with Zen buddhism. It just means something like “no” or “nothing”, which is probably appropriate since I couldn't think of anything else to put up there.

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