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Slight stylistic change

Those of you who don't use a text-mode browser (or one that is really too old to understand stylesheets) and who aren't color-blind will have noticed that certain links on this 'blog are now of a slightly different shade of blue. Specifically, this color indicates a normal link, this color indicates one that has already been visited, and this (new) color indicates that the link is internal to the 'blog (typically points to another entry); well, except in this sentence, where the colors are just used for demonstration purposes.

Do you think this is of any use? Or is it more like confusing? I thought it might be of practical value to know in advance something of where the link leads to without looking at those really tiny characters at the bottom of the window (or wherever your browser puts them). I also added (at the cost of yet more mess in my C code to process the files) tooltips on (nearly) every internal link: so if your browser supports it (I think MSIE doesn't support tooltips on anything other than images, but Mozilla obviously does), the link should tell you what the 'blog entry's title is.

Oh yes, and another thing: I use a stylesheet in which links which become underlined when you hover over them; but the current fad seems to be using a full border (all around the link) instead of just an underline. Also, following Mozilla übergeek Asa Dotzler's 'blog, people have started sometimes using boxes with round corners (only Mozilla supports that, it seems: it's a specific CSS extension). Any comments on the aesthetic value of such gimmicks?

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