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Coding marathon

I've just spent something like twelve hours hacking (with only a short interruption to eat and watch the movie My Beautiful Laundrette that happened to be running on TV). I'm writing a C program to replace the XSLT framework that I use to generate the (“new style”) pages on this Web site (such as this one, and this one is indeed the main worry) following a template. But I've come to the limit of what XSLT can do, and this is why I now need to rewrite it all in C, using the eXpat XML parser; actually a posteriori I realize that using Perl instead of C would probably have been a wiser choice (or, at any rate, kinder on my nerves), but now that I've “almost finished” my rewriting in C, I am not doing it again in Perl. Anyway.

I really should avoid getting myself in this kind of coding marathon where I do nothing but type, type, type, and curse the conceptor of the foo library for not having implemented bar the way I would have liked, and then type some more, and promise to myself that I will have something to eat as soon as this function is written. I then find myself many hours later with a semi-working program, a totally fscked up brain, an urge to go to bed, and many things undone that I should have taken care of (some of which cannot be put up 'till later, such as, feed the cat—and the poor thing is certainly not responsible for my XML crisis).

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