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This 'blog

All right, it seems that (at least until someone tells me otherwise) deactivating JavaScript stopped MSIE from crashing on this page. (Actually, my first attempt failed because of a typo on my part, but this is now fixed.) So Internet Explorer users (that's what? 98% of the Web population?) are no longer excluded from reading my WebLog, hurray, hurray. If you can't read this sentence, please tell me about it (david+www[at sign]madore[dot]org).

The downside is that (always talking about MSIE, of course) email addresses such as the one I just quoted will appear quite ugly. I'm sorry about that, but there isn't much that I can do; you just have to imagine that the little [at sign] picture is a “commercial at”, and that the [dot] is a “full stop”. Yeah, it sucks. Of course, users of Mozilla and Opera should have no problem (readable email addresses even with JavaScript turned off). As for Konqueror or Safari, I received reports that it doesn't quite work, but I still have to investigate.

The main worry at the moment is that this 'blog, with its currently 93 entries, has long since become far too long to remain on a single flat page. But I still have to write the XML processing infrastructure that will split it in monthly pieces (plus the last twenty or so entries on the main page, and a table of contents of the rest), while keeping all the links good. I've come to the limit of what XSLT can do, and I'm afraid I'll have to drive eXpat from a C program of my own to do the parsing.

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