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MSIE sucks so badly it's pathetic

Due to repeated reports of Internet Explorer—including version 6—crashing on this WebLog in various circumstances (not always clear), I am deactivating all JavaScript on my site for MSIE clients, in hope that it will remove the problem. Of course this means that “despammed” email addresses (such as my own, david+www[at sign]madore[dot]org) will appear in an unpleasant way. If you don't like that, please consider using a decent Web browser: Mozilla, Opera, Konqueror or Safari.

If you have some wisdom to share as to what is causing MSIE to crash, and how I can work around it minimalistally (uh, what's the adverb corresponding to the adjective “minimalist”? don't tell me there isn't—the English language can't be that broken), please let me know.

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