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More about my pseudo-tarot game

The rules of my pseudo-tarot game (I need to find a name to it) still aren't complete, but they are getting closer: only four (out of twenty-two) major arcana don't have a specific effect assigned yet. A few interactions between major aracana also need to be made clearer.

To get an idea of what it feels like, I tried playing it alone, with three different hands, simulating three players; of course, that spoils the fun of not knowing the opponents' hands, and also it makes it hard to follow a thought from turn to turn. Still, it appears that the game is playable, and actually rather fun (mostly thanks to the major arcana, in fact). Also, it is not so difficult to remember what the various cards do (but that's maybe because I came up with all the ideas myself). The most disappointing thing seems to be that luck plays a rather important role, more than I would have liked at any rate.

Anyway, now I seriously have to start looking for people that I could, uh, commandeer to play this game with me.

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