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Redoing site map

I have started rewriting the site map for this site. Sounds like a simple job, doesn't it? Just take every file, create a link to it, give it a title (in French and in English), and possibly add a comment to indicate that it is obsolete, not quite up to date, or something of the sort. Well, believe it or not, this simple-sounding job is actually a herculean task. I'm not even sure I understand why, but it takes minutes to add a single link; the fact that I need to translate everything into French probably accounts for part of the difficulty.

But I really need to get this done rapidly, because I currently have two site maps: the one I'm building and the former one which is at the site's root. Plus, some pages such as my main math page or my literature page might locally act as a third site map! What a mess… I know I never finish what I start, but I hope I can get at least this bit done, otherwise this entire site is basically a labyrinth. (Well, I guess it has always been.)

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