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Most absurd item sold on eBay?

There is something deeply reassuring about eBay. Two reassuring things, in fact: the first, no matter what impossible item you're looking for, you're sure you can find it there—and no matter what junk you're trying to get rid of, you're sure someone is stupid enough willing to buy it; number two, no matter how absurd your life may seem, you can find proof on that site that someone is living one which dwarfs yours in ridicule. In a sense, eBay is the insanit-o-meter of the modern world. Anyway.

Is there a record being kept somewhere of the most absurd items ever sold (or, better yet, bought) on eBay? I've never seriously tried to find them, but someone points out to me that a Cray supercomputer is for sale, which isn't bad, though it doesn't match the story of the miraculous sandwich. This offer to advertise on the back of a guy's head for thirty days is also rather weird. I remember reading somewhere about a (non-functional…) vintage WW2 bomber (plane), or something of the kind, being auctioned at around £1000000.

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