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Thanks to Faré and Denis Auroux simultaneously (and with a race condition), I joined the select-but-less-so-by-the-minute club of Orkut members.

Orkut is the latest Friendster/Tribe.net-alike; for those who don't know what this is all about: they are “virtual community gatherers”, sites that try to get people to meet other people by using the principles of friendship networks. The idea appeals to me very much (and anyway it doesn't cost much to join and fill in the fields, especially for someone like me who isn't concerned at all about “privacy”), although I find the realization of it somewhat defective (although Orkut is possibly a bit better than the others at least in some respects) — see below. Incidentally, Orkut is affiliated with Google.

Orkut is invite-only: you won't get anywhere on their Web site if you aren't a member; this is probably a reasonable policy in order to limit the number of dummy entries. However, they won't even let you search for people whom you might know so as to request an invitation: and I think this is very stupid. Now I won't enter all of my friends' email addresses in the system to invite them all, not even those of whom I suspect that they might be interested in joining.

But if you know me (at least to some extent: I'm not too selective about calling people friends, but I'll “play the game” to some extent and not invite someone I've never heard of), please don't hesitate to send me some kind of signal if you wish to join Orkut, and I'll gladly invite you (in case it matters, also remind me of your favorite email address to which the invitation should be sent, and of how you prefer your first and last names to be entered). I'll be quite happy to introduce my real-life friends in the virtual network.

Here are a few of the things I think are a pity with these virtual community network sites in general and Orkut in particular:

Oh, rats, I've been too verbose again.

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