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Maxwell's equations in MathML

I wrote down a set of electromagnetic relations in XHTML+MathML: this is both because I got tired of looking them up in books all the time and so as to test MathML functionality. And it isn't great: only (a recent version of) Mozilla displays something even vaguely accurate (but far from pretty). Opera shows every formula as a pretty much meaningless sequence of letters and numbers (interestingly enough, the Maxwell-Gauß equation is named Maxwell-Gau [sic] in Opera and becomes simply D=D, which is certainly true, but not what was intended). Konqueror is honest about its inabilities and refuses to even try and open the file. And the big disappointment comes from Amaya which also refuses to understand the MIME type application/xhtml+xml and, even if you force it to, isn't smart enough to avoid (wrongly) displaying the MathML semantic content annotation.

***Sigh***. And this is two and a half years after the standardization of version 2.0 of MathML. Hullo? Anyone doing any work around here?

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