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I find that I really can't live without these lil' guys 😉. But while I use them all the time in plain text, on an HTML file it doesn't do to write something like “:-)” for a happy smiley. Up to now I used the great and mighty Unicode, but Unicode only has U+2639 WHITE FROWNING FACE and U+363A WHITE SMILING FACE as smileys go, which is a bit meager ☹ (anyone care to submit to the Unicode/ISO-10646 Joint Technical Committee a repertoire of a couple thousand smileys that they might insert in Unicode plane 3 or 4? after all, with all the useless junk that goes in Unicode, a couple thousand smileys won't matter much, and they put all the 易經 hexagrams, which may be only 64 in number, but it's a kind of precedent). Besides, not everyone has the font to display even those characters, and some may just see a box instead (here is a WHITE SMILING FACE between quotes: “☺”).

So I did what everyone does, I got a bunch of smiley images (from PHPbb) and I'll be using them. ☺

And, yes, I'll be really careful not to overuse them. I hate smiley excess just as much as the next man: they can get really distracting. But this entry is an exception, because it's precisely the point. 😁

Since I found them with PHPbb, these smileys (which are Copyright © their legitimate Copyright owner) are covered, as far as I know, free: you can redistribute them and/or modify them under the terms of the GNU General Public License; they are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but without any warranty, without even the implied warranty of representing my emotions at the time of writing. 😝

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