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Crushing heat

The current weather here in Paris (or Orsay, as the case may be) is unbearably hot: currently it is 38°C in the shade, which is 100°F (degrees Fahrenheit don't mean much to me, but I know one thing, namely that when it takes three figures it means it's way too hot), and it should be even a couple degrees worse tomorrow, with no sign of a significant cooling down in the days to come. My parents, who are now on vacation in Tuscany, are having slightly cooler air there. Besides, there isn't the slightest breeze to help make things more bearable. Going from Orsay to Paris or back, in the (non-air-conditioned) public transportation is a nightmare. Furthermore, not only the heat is a pain, but the sun also is, for those with very fair skin like I have—I just came back from buying a few bottles of milk, and I think I caught a severe sunburn (despite the sunblock, it would seem). All this (the heat or the sun, I don't know, maybe both) gives me severe headaches, I guess my brain's blood vessels don't react well to this strain, and I keep wondering whether I am to die of apoplexy.

Every summer I end up thinking, well, I hate heat and I hate cold, but I think I can bear the cold better than the heat, and, of course, every winter I think the contrary. As I like to say, a temperate climate is supposed to be one where it is neither too hot nor too cold, but in practice it is one where it is too hot for half of the year, too cold for the other half, and raining the rest of the time.

All right, all right, I'll stop whining.

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