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No changes

I am pleased to announce an absence of change on my Web site.

Why should I be pleased to announce this, you ask? The thing is that after yesterday's all-day coding session, and a good number more hours today, I have finished the first fully working version of the C replacement for the XSLT framework that I used to process these Web pages.

In other words, the page you are currently viewing, and a number of its companion, which are generated from a source file that I write in a custom XML language, used to be produced by a XSLT processor, and now they are produced (from the same source, of course) by a C program I wrote, and the point is that you should see absolutely no changes due to this switch—no changes today, at least. Unless you actually view the HTML source (and it's not pretty, nor was it before I changed, and even then the changes should be hard to spot), there should be no visible difference at all caused by the work I've just done. If you see some, please let me know. (Of course, this applies only for the couple of hours after this entry is written, because afterward I will indeed start making some changes, that's the point, of course.)

Very soon I can start splitting this 'blog in little pieces so it won't stay in a huge flat file like it is now. Have a little more patience!

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