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and ADSL is back up

Actually, precisely five minutes (according to system logs) after I commited the previous entry, my ADSL line was back up and kicking. I don't know whether this is the effect of my phone call to complain (or maybe someone at France Telecom is a real fan of my 'blog and reads it every minute?), but if it is I can for once praise France Telecom for being efficient at repairing things.

This also shows that two hours' Internet withdrawal is about as long as I can stand and still survive. Great.

Of course, it would be intersting to know what could have caused this. I would also like to know how in the world my dictionary, which was sitting nicely and quitely on its shelf and which I hadn't touched in the least for hours, suddenly decided to fall on the floor (with a very loud crash) just seconds ago. This is too weird.

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