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No ADSL this evening

At 21:55+0200 (meaning 9:55PM Paris time) this evening, my ADSL line suddenly, and mysteriously, ceased to function: the “line sync” light on the modem is constantly flashing, meaning it cannot achieve DSL synchronization (at the lowest level, so no data are being exchanged at all).

Right now I'm connected through an ordinary telephone line modem, and I find it unbearable: not so much because it's slow, but because every time I disconnect I suddenly realize I had forgotten to do one more thing while on line, and I just have to connect again. I've just become too accustomed to having permanent Internet access.

I hope this situation doesn't last. I called France Telecom after an hour of dysfunction, and they promised they'd call me back by tomorrow morning after having done something. They are capable of being anywhere from hopelessly clueless to pretty damn efficient, so I don't know what to expect.

I intended to write a 'blog entry about Paris Plage (“Paris Beach”) today, since I went to walk there and took some photos, but uploading the photos without ADSL would just take to long, so it will have to wait.

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