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(Sunday) · Pentacost

Ogg Vorbis streaming radios

Ogg Vorbis is a <buzzwords>non-proprietary, royalty-free, fully variable bitrate, high quality</buzzwords> (lossy) audio compression format, similar to the popular MP3 but better in many respects (and not patent-impaired); it can be used for many purposes, including Internet audio streaming. For various reasons (some ideological, some technical), I cannot use RealAudio streams, or even less Windows Media Format. I wish content providers and Internet radios finally finally understood that Ogg Vorbis is better than these in every respect (and just as widely supported!) and got around to using it for streaming.

Unfortunately, Ogg Vorbis streaming Internet radios are still very few. The BBC attempted some Ogg Vorbis streaming, but it didn't last. Radio France is now doing it, but their service provider is hopelessly incompetent and the streams' quality is Zeus-awful. Besides these, a few specimens such as University Radio Nottingham or Ona Mallorca (in Catalan) provide an Ogg Vorbis stream of good quality. Recently I also discovered WCPE which broadcasts classical music round-the-clock and has an Ogg Vorbis stream.

But I really wish I could find a non-musical radio (I mean, news, talk, chat, debates, whatever) in English that broadcasts in Ogg Vorbis. The BBC would have been wonderful: I really need to listen to BBC English. It's such a shame they shut these Ogg streams down.

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