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(Thursday) · WW2 Allied Victory Day

Voting on IRTC stills

For those who don't know it, the IRTC is the Internet RayTracing Competition. Every two months, a topic is chosen and raytracing artists throughout the world produce some amazing still images (there is also animation rounds, but I don't follow those nearly as precisely), of which the best will be selected by a panel of judges (including the artists themselves). The winners are usually very good: if you like this kind of artwork, the IRTC is definitely a site to see.

Although I don't produce any raytracing images myself (or the very few I have done are really miserable attempts), I very much enjoy viewing them. So I volunteered to be an IRTC panel judge. This means having to view a lot of pictures: this month's round has new fewer than 104 entries. But it's a rather pleasant task, really, and instructive; some entries definitely draw some “aaaaw!”'s and “ooooh”'s from me. This time's round's topic, viz. “architecture”, proved quite inspiring for the participants (of course, it is a canonical raytracing topic!) and there is much variety in the renderings.

If you wish to see the entries, follow this link to the IRTC March-April 2003 submissions. So far I have ranked 35 of them, so I still have some work ahead of me!

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