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Tales of the City

I finally got around to reading Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City (I had been sort of “dragging it along” for a month, but when I really got to it, I went throught the latter half of the book in just a couple of hours): contrary to what I initially thought, it's pretty easy to read, in fact (even though I must have missed zillions of cultural references of all sorts). It starts out as a set of rather disparate stories, but, as one proceeds through the book, the characters interact in many ways (perhaps too many, even: it gives the idea that San Francisco is a very very small world!) and there's a true plot and dénouement[#]. It's quite brilliantly done, actually. So, while I'll probably wait some time before getting started on the second volume (More Tales of the City) because I'm weary of multi-volume sagas (or, for a slightly more adequate comparison, multi-season sitcoms ☺), I'm certainly not disappointed with the first.

[#] But I must admit I haven't understood what the final pages' deeper meaning: or rather, are we supposed to guess what Mrs Madrigal's secret is? Or is it meant to remain a mystery? Because I don't have a clue.

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