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Making my bookmarks public

My bookmarks page on this site had been stale for ages: I just rewrote it, from my Mozilla bookmarks folder (and through a script, so I can update it when I add new bookmarks). This is mainly for my own perusal, so I can quickly and from anywhere have access to the sites that interest me, but others are permitted to be indiscreet and have a look at it. Insert usual disclaimers, of course; I don't make any statement concerning the interest, content, or anything else, of the sites to which I link.

The page's format is a bit Spartan, and not very elegant, but that's the price for being automatically generated. Also, my bookmarks are a total mess (especially the “miscellaneous” section): I don't bother to order them properly, simply because I usually just search through them for a keyword or title word and Mozilla is good at that.

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