Comments on Gratuitous Literary Fragment #45 (user's manual)

phi (2005-05-15T10:58:44Z)

And, most importantly, use of Ring with other parts of your body is at your own risk. Please note Ring adjusts fully to size only when inserting it.

Ruxor (2005-05-15T08:35:45Z)

Gratyn → I guess I did. But then, these user's manuals are so full of misprints…

Gratyn (2005-05-14T23:46:26Z)

I think you wanted to write "hole C" in the "use" paragraph ? Didn't you ?

Ruxor (2005-05-14T22:59:47Z)

Ni → C'est censé dire « One Ring » (Ash Nazg) en langue de Mordor, écrit en Tengwar (comme il figure sur l'Anneau), encodé par le standard ConScript, <URL: >.

A.Smith (2005-05-14T22:24:36Z)

Dear Sir,
thank goodness, the power of your ring does not extend to your blog,which is still perfectly visible.
I wonder if dear old Gyges heeded the warnings…

Although I confess to being totally ignorant of the universe (Tolkien ?)alluded to in the user's manual ,I really enjoyed
the spoof (probably even funnier to those in the know).

Thanking you for your fragment,I remain
Yours faithfully,

Ni (2005-05-14T19:56:26Z)

>  

Mouarf, c'est censé représenter quoi, ces caractères dans la Private Use Area ?

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