Comments on Most absurd item sold on eBay?

bidibulle (2005-01-31T22:45:32Z)

je me souviens qu'etant etudiant a Orsay, j'avais longuement rode autour d'un Cray One…

Et qu'on avait aussi tente d'acheter un vax 780 avec des copains (on s'etait arrete juste avant quand meme…)

Fabienne (2005-01-31T22:21:45Z)

Someone seems to be trying to sell all his *problems* on e-bay…

he doesn't seem that convinced it will sell, but that's catharsis for you…

Sam (2005-01-31T21:22:50Z)

On the other hand, I would just *love* to have such a computer at home[*]. Well, not as much as I would love having a PDP-10, but it would still be quite a thing ! The price is quite prohibitive, though.

[*] I wonder what, if any, nifty operating systems (besides UNICOS, which is a Unix flavor, thus not nifty at all) run on that beast.

phi (2005-01-31T19:02:18Z)

eBay could emit for 1€ the right to ad for two such ads sold 1€ each. Of course eBay would get a commission on each transaction…

Joël (2005-01-31T14:04:15Z)

I have heard about such stories in Italy: some "grandmother" had no family anymore so that she wanted to be adopted by another family. But I do not think she was sold on eBay, it probably was a newspaper ad.

Ruxor (2005-01-31T12:24:18Z)

Are you sure it was a grandmother and not a mother-in-law? I no longer have the former and I've never had the latter, but I'm sure I would rather put up my mother-in-law than my grandmother for auction. I'm not sure it'd sell, though…

Lili (2005-01-31T03:13:59Z)

there was a grandmother on sale about a year ago, as well as somebody's soul. i'm not really sure how either of them worked out. i'm pretty sure the site moderator had them taken off of auction.

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