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phi (2004-02-10T15:11:25Z)

There is such an option in preference/Navigator/Display on/new tab: last page in Mozilla. I'm afraid MultiZilla does't take it into account.

There is also a local submenu in MultiZilla to open some special pages, including the current one. But ctrl-N and T still don't work…

Ruxor (2004-02-10T11:42:05Z)

There's a preference to determine whether new tabs open with a blank page (and the current address, at least in certain versions of Mozilla), the start page, or something else. I can't remember where this preference is hidden; you can try going to <URL: about:config > and searching for it if you can't find it in the user-friendly preferences dialog.

phi (2004-02-10T10:58:14Z)

ok, spawn a new window with ctrl-N and …
but why do they set up the "home addresse" instead of the current one? this is what I meant. same stupid thing with ctrl-T.

ok, I didn't know about "reload all tabs" in local menu

I couldn't find "Wrap long lines in the View menu"

tested with MultiZilla

(That said, I would agree that Mozilla is better that IE, but it's such a pleasure to argue with Ruxor!)

Damien (2004-02-10T08:19:06Z)


About Mozilla (1.6)
> One stupid annoyance: how do you open a new window with the current page?

Copy paste the url, or drag and drop the icon in the url bar

> or a new tab when there is none?


More drawbacks:
> - There seems to be no "refresh all tabs" function.

Right click on a tab has this option

> - View page source has no word-wrap.

You can choose Wrap long lines in the View menu

All this tested in Firefox 0.8.

phi (2004-02-07T19:16:35Z)

Some more variants:
French is the best language in the world.
Betamax is the best video recording media in the world.
NextStep is the best system in the world.
Juppé is the best of us all.

And I don't mention innumerable french pretentions of being unique or best on some specific stupid feature.

Ruxor (2004-02-07T17:55:20Z)

Ska: And Unix is the best OS in the world. I think we can agree on such statements. :-/

phi (2004-02-07T17:37:27Z)

About Mozilla (1.6)
One stupid annoyance: how do you open a new window with the current page? or a new tab when there is none?

More drawbacks:
- There seems to be no "refresh all tabs" function.
- The history manager always sorts according to sites first, which is cumbersome if you data is spead.
- View page source has no word-wrap.
- Many IE web viruses are incompatible with Mozilla; if it is incompatible with them, it is so with other possible applications.
- You won't be able anymore to test protection programs against viruses.
- Less people will complain about MS.

phi (2004-02-07T15:25:44Z)

It seems OmniWeb 5.0 (for MAC) has many interesting ideas
I still have many wanted festures on may wishlist for browsers but, increasingly, for the HTML/CSS norm. I hope CSS3 will at last implement the box model of CAML, LATEX (?), introduced in the 70's… I still cannot put my word documents in HTML, far from it.

Ska (2004-02-07T15:12:10Z)

The worst thing is that Ruxor is probably right: Mozilla is indeed the overall best web browser in the world.

Which gives a clue about how bad the other ones are.

phi (2004-02-07T14:41:10Z)

Ruxor: as you can see, I was logged in as phi on IE and Mozilla made an Anonymous Coward of me.
urf, urf…

Anonymous Coward #509 (2004-02-07T14:36:51Z)

Ruxor: your linux is probably not IE-compliant.
I'm going to review Mozilla 1.6. The last one I examined was v1.1 which at last had a working "save with images" (since 0.98) and other indispensable things. The main caveat is its sluggishness.

Zvezdo: it crashed, so it had worked, or am I mistaken? IE is an exceptional program; some exceptions are simply not handled.

zvezdo (2004-02-07T11:10:42Z)

Si j'osais raconter ma lamentable histoire….sur mon PC IE ne marche plus et Mozilla marche, du feu de Dieu. C'est une raison suffisante pour préférer Mozilla.
Sur IE, c'est le bug bien connu dit du 2ième clic; je lance IE, çà se charge correctement, et puis au 2ième clic, invariablement, le charmant message apparaît: MS IE a rencontré une erreur fatale et doit fermer, etc….C'est sans espoir, je vous rassure tout de suite.

Ruxor (2004-02-07T10:43:54Z)

Just what is it that you think can be done in IE but not in Mozilla? Or in what respect isn't Mozilla "working"? Now I say IE isn't working: I tried to run it on my Linux box and it wouldn't, Q.E.D.

phi (2004-02-07T10:03:28Z)

Tss, tss… Internet Explorer is a very usable program once you have added a few add-ons:
- Proxomitron to rewrite the page (whether header, HTML or CSS) on the fly (and thus block ANYTHING you want)
- IE4 web accessories to zoom in images, show partial source, etc.
- iepwrtwks to tweak IE more finely
- FavIconizer to make site icons persistent
- CacheSentry to fix some IE cache bugs (not so useful now with ADSL)
- a dozen updates to fix the major security breaches
and, of course,
- the Crazybrowser shell to provide tabs, automatic refresh, bookmarks groups and neat key shotcuts.
cf. my <URL:>

And, all these programs are FREE and working, and thus cost a very tiny fraction of the price of Windows, whether money or spent time. One couldn't say that of Mozilla.

denis f (2004-02-07T08:25:57Z)

C'est vrai, ça (l'histoire de la base 10). J'espère que David organisera une grande fête pour sa 1729ème entrée ;-)

jko (2004-02-07T00:27:26Z)

More than free, Mozilla is open source, and distributed under the Mozilla Public License <URL:>

sinon, david, je trouve que tu accorde beaucoup d'importance à la base 10 !! Y'en a au moin.. une infinité d'autres ;)

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