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Flo (2004-02-09T12:58:57Z)

Pour Orkut, j'ai essaye, et… il n'y a meme pas de partie francophone? Je vais devoir ne pas y trainer souvent, alors…

phi (2004-02-04T00:35:03Z)

I didn't know about FOAF. That's a step forward. It seems that as "Stable terms: [there is only] homepage"… There are many semantic formalisms, some of them quite effective for such an elementary level of desciption, but their embedding in writable xxxML with a readable syntax is a major challenge.

Was FOAF of any use to you?

Note: I mean one badly needs a shell or template or automated form to use FOAF:

For example, here is a description of an IRC chat account, specific to the Freenode IRC network:
<foaf:name>Dan Brickley</foaf:name>
<rdf:type rdf:resource=""/>
<foaf:accountServiceHomepage rdf:resource=""/>

Ruxor (2004-02-03T23:02:30Z)

I think the real project of the future is the use of RDF as in FOAF (see my earlier blog entry on this subject, <URL: >).

phi (2004-02-03T22:11:48Z)

A few years ago, I wondered how to findd new friends using alta vista (and then Google). These communities lists have one advantage, which in fact few of them provide: the standardization of categories with definite names so you don't have to look for tens of synonyms.

With standard tools, the first problem is to make sure the web page relates to personal data: there is simply not a single word to say that, in any interpretations of the negation. Then the problem of naming categories. And then that of naming and expressing relations on them, whether you are a man, want a man, or hate men or like hated men…

At this point, the main task for a community organizer would be to use a dictionary of primary words (that has been done long ago) and to design a standard relational language user-friendly enough to be usable outside the geek community.

In fact, such a service could be a www3c-like commitee. It seems that doesn't exist yet. For the moment, David's weblog is, I hope, a way to meet smart people… (not that David is not smart, but he is very, very busy; he's working so much on his thesis and he's loved already by so many people!)

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