Comments on Gratuitous Literary Fragment (#7)

Ruxor (2004-01-25T19:10:17Z)

I swear I never did enter any nightclub with the Midgard serpent nested in my hair. I would never display such blatantly bad taste.

Ska (2004-01-25T18:28:27Z)

Haha. Zohar's entrance was written some time ago, and posted in a private forum, but in the original edition, the name wasn't Zohar. It was "David Madore". :)
This G.L.F. is autobiographic in a much more straightforward way than the previous ones. I like it, but I cannot get into the story without the author being there somehow - so it's not entirely fiction.

phi (2004-01-25T14:51:32Z)

very good!
I feel I'm going to search though the Old Testament to know more about Zebulun and all these underrated, sappy people.

Don't look for Morpheus in this party: he's still sequestered by some one we won't need to name…

BTW, see also: the cover of "Fluide Glacial", feb. 2004…

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