HTML5 test document

Having fun with Web standards

What is this page about?

This is an HTML5 page for me to have fun with. It is intended to be syntactically valid both as HTML (i.e., text/html) and as XHTML (i.e., application/xhtml+xml): see the recommendation on polyglot markup for details (although this is not exactly polyglot markup because of the way the inline stylesheet is escaped).

Some demos

Pretty graphics in SVG

Some SVG text

And now back to HTML: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris odio arcu, volutpat sit amet egestas vel, eleifend id libero. Aenean quis nisi diam. Praesent vestibulum pellentesque purus, convallis accumsan mi mollis vel. Nulla sed urna sed felis auctor ullamcorper. Nulla rhoncus sapien id ligula condimentum euismod. Nam vulputate vulputate elit, quis gravida tortor vulputate et. Nullam suscipit tincidunt velit a tempor. Praesent aliquam ultricies dolor id mollis. Morbi sagittis nunc vel est scelerisque in fringilla nisi accumsan. In id risus sit amet ipsum accumsan elementum id porttitor orci.

Math in MathML

Everyone should know that 2+2=4 and that + e x2 dx = π .

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Canvas with menu

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