Comments on Gratuitous Literary Fragment #160 (legislative)

Legislator (2019-01-15T15:51:19Z)

Legislator (2019-01-10T13:03:22Z)

Nick Mandatory (2018-12-07T19:47:25Z)

Est-ce que tu connais des œuvres de fiction déjà existantes qui pourraient ressembler à ça, ou plaire à des gens qui ont aimé tes deux fragments ?

jonas (2018-12-07T13:50:05Z)

Sorry, that was an unfair suggestion of me. Obviously Asimov already has good examples showing each of the three branches of government at work. <i>Bicentennial man<i> shows the legislative branch; “Blind Alley” shows the executive branch; and “Galley Slave” shows the work of the judicial branch in a case when nobody was telepathically tampering with the judge's mind (I don't care about Giskard's excuses).

Ruxor (2018-12-07T12:05:36Z)

@jonas: The idea is that, just like the "executive" fragment is written from the perspective of a novice Prime minister, and the "legislative" fragment from that of a novice legislator, the third fragment should be written from the perspective of the judge — a new judge recently appointed to some kind of supreme court.

jonas (2018-12-07T07:13:49Z)

Do you even need to write the third part? Asimov has already described the trial of the Encyclopedists in the first chapter of <i>Foundation</i>.

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