Comments on Gratuitous Literary Fragment #152 (a council of wizards)

Leonarda da Vinci (2022-09-09T18:42:13Z)

C'est excellent, ça, « Advanced Poisons & Pythons » !

U+00A0 NO-BREAK SPACE (2016-04-05T11:31:26Z)

En tout cas, j'aimerais bien lire un truc un peu plus long qui se passe dans cet Univers !

Bob (2016-04-03T08:35:46Z)

E8 est toujours d'actualité, en témoigne ce papier récent:

The sphere packing problem in dimension 8
Maryna Viazovska

In this paper we prove that no packing of unit balls in Euclidean space ℝ8 has density greater than that of the E8-lattice packing.

DH (2016-04-01T09:50:23Z)


Fred le marin (2016-04-01T06:27:09Z)

This is not an April fool…

Sometimes our reality is such mumbo-jumbo that you should not believe it.
My personal feeling is that life, as it must end one day, remains a strange kind of dream.
Do not trust me fully yet because destiny might be hard !
Furthermore, (white) magic seems warmer than (very) high technology.
So, good luck wizards : enlightnen the Universe (because it does deserve) !

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