Comments on Gratuitous Literary Fragment #151 (executive)

Fred le marin (2015-09-15T18:17:58Z)

A long time ago, and too far away : the Emperor

His arm remains undefeated yet he is not invicible.
Underestimate his powers you shall not.
(obviously, all these words below are not of mine)
So, an Empress is far better, isn't she ?
I wish I were a robot/puppet (but only in her arms).
Anyway, congratulations for this heavy promotion your… highness !?
Uh, it seems correct : a jealousy theory.

Regis (2015-09-14T18:03:37Z)

Revoil√† Ruxor √† Matignon. Cela faisait longtemps. Mauvais plan…

Ruxor (2015-09-14T13:58:12Z)

@jonas: Correctly identified: I did have Asimov's *Forward the Foundation* in mind (among other things).

jonas (2015-09-14T13:14:33Z)

This reminds me to Asimov's stories about Hari Seldon. The emperor Cleon I has made him the first minister.

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