Comments on More bitter failures with Wifi

JohnH (2012-04-12T17:06:52Z)

Thank you so much for summarizing this issue. I've wasted days trying to get a new 8787 Dreamplug with Squeezy to co-operate but without success and I wasted hours on the two versions of sd8xxx.ko thinking I might find a combo that would work. It really is pathetic that they sell this thing without keeping the drivers up-to-date - development or not.

Jean Philippe (2012-03-23T23:28:19Z)

> a USB plug which has explicit commands to power off some of its slots?

Maybe this thing could help : it allows sending on/off commands to electrical devices through an USB socket. You could power off then on your Wifi dongle's power adapter with that…

Hope this helps!

Ruxor (2012-03-23T15:29:35Z)

@jonas: The DreamPlug seems incapable of powering itself off. There isn't even an on/off button: it runs from the moment you plug it in the power socket. In fact, maybe the fact that it doesn't have any kind of power management is related to my USB problems (at the very least, as you point out, having power management would permit some kind of workaround).

Grasyop (2012-03-23T10:01:54Z)

L'anglais serait-il une langue de prédilection pour exprimer des émotions écarlates ?

jonas (2012-03-23T08:35:50Z)

s/enable to cause/unable to cause/;

What's the motherboard of the DreamPlug capable of? Could you power it down from software then automatically wake it on a timer or LAN package a few minutes later?

Ruxor (2012-03-22T19:22:27Z)

@Damien: There are several reasons: (1) I intend to put the plug in a corner of the room which is hard to reach, along with the Ethernet switch and ADSL modem, (2) I don't want to be constantly checking whether Wifi is still working or whether I need to fiddle with the dongle (but I want Wifi to work all the time, because my phone does not receive the GSM signal at home, so Wifi is only permanent connection there), and more importantly, (3) I strongly suspect that if rebooting the machine can cause the dongle to fail, other things might, at inconvenient times — and I don't want to risk reconfiguring my whole network setup to use that DreamPlug+dongle and later discover that it's no good. But all practical considerations aside, just for the principle of the thing, I want a Wifi setup that *just works*, not works at the cost of some ugly hacks or occasional fiddling.

Damien (2012-03-22T16:55:12Z)

You write that the problem starts when rebooting, but when the stabilization/testing phase is over and everything is set up, your 27/4 machine will become "production ready" and should not need to reboot often (and if it does, power cycle should be ok if it is scheduled).

So why do your article seem to emphasize this is *so* annoying ?

Ruxor (2012-03-22T16:45:52Z)

@Ni: I had the same idea, but unfortunately, it didn't help. :-( What I would need is a USB plug which has explicit commands to power off some of its slots, but I don't know if they exist.

Ni (2012-03-22T14:51:02Z)

It probably doesn't reaaly make sense, but maybe you could try putting a (powered) USB hub between the DreamPlug and the USB wifi dongle…

Valerio (2012-03-22T09:30:13Z)

There was a patent on waking up a USB device indirectly, by waking its host computer?

Fred le marin (2012-03-22T08:01:21Z)

Well, at least, thanks to your heavy work, you were able to point out all the chain of issues.
Those who did nothing about it obviously couldn't. And I did nothing.
Half-success because half-failure !

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