Comments on The Unix leap second mess

Fork (2010-12-28T18:59:07Z)

All this shoudln't be that depressing! Progress in system comes small leaps by small leaps ;)

Damien (2010-12-28T17:25:59Z)

Pour approfondir les d├ętails de NTP, je conseille vivement le livre de Mills (2e ├ędition sortie il y a quelques semaines) :

Damien (2010-12-28T16:12:36Z)

Pour info, depuis Linux 2.6.26, on a aussi CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW (

tartaglia (2010-12-28T09:23:39Z)

Having your readers suffer from a headache is a genuinely geeky way to wish them a merry Xmas.

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