Comments on I feel ripped off by this GuruPlug thingy

Ben (2010-12-10T12:20:57Z)

Hi David

I've an experience which might be of an interest to you. I recently bought for 25 euros a Seagate Dockstar [1] and I've installed a Debian testing on it on a external 2.5 USB drive (flash drive are reported to work fine as well). 1.2 Marvell CPU, 128Mb RAM, Gb eth, fanless, it's the smallest sheevaplug actually. I use it as a secondary server (dns, mail) + offsite backup (with rsync-backup and duplicity). I would recommend this system since it's very cheap (the original price was ~$100 and the product was a fiasco so Seagate is selling it off at currently ~$20-$30).

The second thing I would like to mention is TranquilPC [2] ; I bought an Atom server there with 5 disks, good product, good delivery and excellent email support so I really do think it would worth investigating it.

Warm regards,



bidibulle (2010-10-25T22:46:44Z)


J'ai commandé ma carte mere atom sur maté et la mémoire rue montgallet: le boitier est un générique mini atx. Rien eu à redire. Sinon, j'ai fait une folie: j'ai récupéré un SSD de 64Go pour pas cher…

Bernd Zeimetz (2010-10-25T18:49:25Z)

Please don't forget that you are talking about an ARM (development) board here. Using serial consoles and JTAGs are the usual thing for all kinds of embedded hardware. Don't buy it if you don't like it.
The thermal design issues are a different problems of course…

Ruxor (2010-10-24T14:16:25Z)

bidibulle → Je pense effectivement que je vais adopter une solution de ce genre. Tu as des suggestions sur le meilleur endroit où acheter, concrètement, ce genre de matos ?

bidibulle (2010-10-24T13:36:51Z)

Il y a peut être une solution: monte toi un pc avec une carte intel Atom 510 Fanless. Il y a un port gigabyte, et tu peut en rajouter 1 autre, ça supporte 4 Go de Ram. Certes, c'est pas 2 ports de base et c'est pas un proc ARM, ton karma y perds, je sais… Mais bon, ça marche: j'en ai un comme ça, je peux y faire tourner dessus un xen, sous debian, pour virtualiser 3, 4 serveur.

Ruxor (2010-10-24T13:07:17Z)

jonas → Yes, I considered using an embedded router as a server. But they're very short on memory and processing power, and they're also tremendously easy to brick because there's generally no other way of flashing their firmware than by software. I don't so much need gigabit Ethernet as much as it's a question of principle, or the satisfaction of seeing only green lights on my switch.

jonas (2010-10-24T09:50:36Z)

Could you buy one of these machines that are originally designed as routers? They are almost always fanless, and some of those must have dual gigabit ethernet. The only problem is that it will be hard to find one with enough RAM.

By the way, what do you need gigabit ethernet for?

TARTAGLIA (2010-10-23T14:18:17Z)

Ruxor: si tes ordis sont too noisy,pourquoi les laisser dans ta chambre à coucher? L'ordi, comme la télé, dans la chambre, ça peut du reste causer la fin d'un couple. Fourre-les dans la cuisine…ou ailleurs.
Autre proposition: le pianiste Alexandre Tharaud n'a plus de piano chez lui depuis 12 ans. Il va chez les autres… c'est peut-être une petite originalité dont tu pourrais t'inspirer.

Ruxor (2010-10-22T16:11:34Z)

@/2 → C'est exactement le genre de choses que je voudrais faire. Mais c'est aussi exactement le genre de choses que je me sens complètement incapable de faire sans tout casser. :-(

Fork (2010-10-22T13:54:52Z)

I'd say: now that you have two of those apparently quite useless things, try to have fun and to toy with them as much as possible. It shouldn't matter if you end up breaking them apart ;)

pankkake (2010-10-22T10:55:41Z)

Soekris and ALIX boards can be found with 2 or more Ethernet ports. Also, some Jetway mini-ITX (VIA and Intel x86 processors) cards accept daughter boards with additional Ethernet ports (including gigabit).

W (2010-10-22T09:33:16Z)

What about a laptop with an extension card to have a second Ethernet port ? More expensive, but survives a power outage. Not tested though, maybe there is an obvious problem I don't see.

egan → it's only 10/100Mb Ethernet.

@/2 (2010-10-22T06:39:30Z)

Si tu n'es pas encore tombé là-dessus, ça t'intéressera peut-être…

<URL: >

Sam (2010-10-22T06:26:31Z)

« Messing with VLANs » would probably save you a lot of time, money and energy, and help you lean new things in the way, wouldn't it?

egan (2010-10-22T05:40:52Z)

Why not a soekris ? See for example this one :
Fanless, 4 ethernet ports, compatible with Linux, OpenBSD, etc

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