Comments on Elements of an EmotionML 1.0

pankkake (2009-02-12T18:39:08Z)

I don't think the idea is to replace the smiley; it's just a way to describe it. The only sad thing is that the code is very heavy, a microformat would have been a much better idea. As for emotions, some blogging platforms like LiveJournal already have a feature to associate an emotion with a post.

Another advantage, is that it would be standardized (smileys are not, especially when you translate them to images). For example, <span class="emotion-happy">:)</span> or <span class="emotion-happy"><img src="smile.png" /></span> would be able to be analyzed by a machine. Imagine an automated index of "happy blogs" or "sad blogs"!

tartaglia (2009-01-30T08:28:15Z)

voila qui m'inspire pour le 1er avril

Ben (2009-01-29T12:58:09Z)

Oh. My. God.

Natacha (2009-01-29T10:25:31Z)

That won't help softening my hatred for XML and all its derivatives…

Sometimes I'm afraid of being alone thinking XMLization of everything is not the Ultimate Good That Will Save The World.

Fork (2009-01-29T07:44:30Z)

« Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliqué ? »

I love the idea, but it's maybe not really practical (another question is ``is it really necessary?'')
Anyway, I think those guys could go further: they should include conditional statements and jumps[*] in the language to make it Turing-complete[**]. I can't wait to program with emotions[***]!
What? Nonsense? Who cares!?

[*]Yeah, I'm talking about GOTOs, I know they're bad. But what about footnotes?
[**]I don't *precisely* know if it's enough to afford Turing-completeness. I've never read anything about the subject. It seems reasonable to me to think it, though.
[***]Imagine that, David, you could have programed a *happy* fractal video generator!

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