Comments on Some webcomics I like

Dow (2007-10-18T03:21:20Z)

I personally admire that you allow yourself to write in English when you feel like it. However one small teensy remark--and please don't get offended … a lot of your sentences are long winded, and it makes for stunted read. I'm sure you know this: English, unlike French, does not deal as too well with many digressions. For example:

"My favorite comic is probably The Far Side, though the last issue is twelve years old, and I've probably read the whole works since. The author, Gary Larson, doesn't like his drawings finding their way to the Web--unfortunately for him, the Google results are numerous."

tartaglia (2007-10-05T09:13:36Z)

Ah! combien ce would it sent la familiarité réelle avec la langue! C'est un régal délicat pour les francophones. Exemple célèbre, certain 18 juin dans un pays aujourd'hui sans gouvernement:
U (à cheval): Sir, I fear I have lost my leg!
W, repliant sa longue-vue et considérant son adjoint avec impavidité: My God, you have!

DH (2007-10-02T23:38:59Z)

You don't read any French-comic based blog ? I'm fond of those from Maliki, Boulet and M. Le Chien (just google the names to get the relevant URLs), but I don't know if that kind of humour based on real-life stories does actually appeal to you.

Ruxor (2007-10-02T15:56:49Z)

Since all these webcomics are in English, it wouldn't make much sense for an non-English-speaker to even try to make sense of this entry, would it?

tartaglia (2007-10-02T14:02:44Z)

There are more things in heaven and earth, David
Than visitors on your blog when you speak english.

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