Comments on Memory sticks, ECC, and northbridge oddities

pankkake (2007-09-17T02:52:33Z)

I have a similar problem with an older computer ; the CPU is mounted on a Slot to Socket adaptator, and the socketed CPU has a huge perpendicular heatsink, thus it tends to "unpush" itself every time I move the case.
By the way, high-end motherboards usually have a small digital display (or just a bunch of LEDs) for self-diagnostic purposes (I saw that on IBM's servers).

phi (2007-09-16T17:40:15Z)

uh, memory stinks…

«minimal amount of very slow fail-safe RAM»
just what cache-mem could do…

Once upon a time, computers could run with only a few kB onboard…

Joël (2007-09-16T15:47:49Z)

What about date and time of weblog entries?

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