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ricain grosse (2006-11-18T17:12:27Z)

hallo, old man m'adore!
I hope all is well.

You might see if you have a family history of diabetes. Recent research shows a very strong correlation between dental problems, diabetes and heart issues. Often, serious cavities are the first indicator of insulin problems.

I also had my first bad cavity at 27, after 24 years without a single cavity. I stopped going to the dentist at 24.

Even if you are not fat yet, I have recently discovered that you can have very elevated glucose levels for some years before you see the damage caused by this.

I know you are basically french, but if you have too much sugar/sweets/fructose/yada yada in your diet, it can cause long term damage. It doesn't take much to do this.

I used to get a lot of my energy from soft drinks and fruit juice, later switching to diet drinks and tea as my metabolism slowed down.

It appears that maintaining elevated glucose levels destroys your nerves very slowly, and also damages your retinas. By the time you notice, it is almost too late. When you turn 40-50 or so, you also notice unusual sensations in your hands. Now that I am old enough to have 50 year old friends, I find that all of this is common.

Of course, the US is worse for this than france. It is important to say that You *don't* have to actually have diabetes to suffer the effects of this.

Still, you might find some research into the relationship between diabetes, nerve damage, cavites and heart infections.

Florence (2006-11-09T08:27:02Z)

Tiens, à propos de fragments littéraires, ça ne te dit pas de participer au cercle d'écriture de l'ENS, cette fois ?

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